to write a song is to sing a song

a sweet and funny evening hosted by the beautiful Vienna Songwriting Association, thanks to Jenny and Klaus and the whole team. always a pleasure. songs and the lieders. you know how it is and it sounds. the beauty is the atmosphere that involves a room.

thanks to my friend Joe Remick for reading the „newsline“ by Duncan Larkin of the year 2028 in my Songs „2028 – suchen und senden“, always a pleasure having you around and being carried into the year 2028 by your unique voice.

once a month i do perform as a Songwriter and carry my own songs out like anyone with his dog walks over meadows and places so their beloved ones can run and flow over the fields and enjoy these moments of freedom. freedom is performance. performance is atmosphere.

The Refurbishment sessions!

Thinking further ways of storytelling. Refurbishing the status quo, having ignored digital information at all, as we focussed only on our more than 40 Live-Productions a year, which we want to continue this way, but additionally we decided to start sharing our work, announcing our work properly, professionally.

With more than 40 Live Performances, Productions and Interventions a year, all original creations of the arts, the music, we have been focusing clearly on the real world, the analogue way. With the “refurbishing sessions 23” – we want to give credit to digital storytelling as well and also help our audience to be informed not only a day before! incredible that this worked for the entire seasons, sometimes information and invitation only went out our house hours before and we could welcome a full crowd of joining visitors, even when dark rainy clouds appeared, even on afternoons or mornings, what a season! Thank you.

We invite you to join us also for this season, with many upcoming beautiful sessions and productions!

Thank you for your trust and following.

with the words of spinal tap: “have a good time ALL the time”!